5 Of The Best Pairings For Your Fibreglass Pool

Here at Newcastle Swimming Pools, we know that a pool can mean more to you than just a place to swim. A fibreglass pool can be your opportunity to express to your inner designer! That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 5 top design pairings to go with our most popular pool colours. We’re not going to lie: writing this up made us want to race back home and start designing our own poolside haven!


#1 Sandstone Shimmer And The Right Plants

First off the list is the crowd favourite: our Sandstone Shimmer. This colour may look sandy on its colour swab, but believe us when we say it will typically look like a light green in your pool. The colour gives off a tropical and natural look; what better to pair it with than a host of plants! Aim for green plants (such as ficus trees) to complement the light green shade of Sandstone Shimmer, or implement dark green plants (such as bamboo) to create a tropical paradise. This colour scheme will provide you with a restful and rejuvenating retreat after work!

#2 Midnight Shimmer With White Coloured Pavings

Midnight Shimmer is the darkest of our colours, so it might come as a surprise then that we recommend it with white pavings. But what this combination achieves is a blending of two palettes to create a fantastic and complimentary dichotomy. The white pavings will be easy on the eyes of your guests and enhance the darker shade of your pool, while the Midnight Shimmer will draw the eye instantly, serving as a stunning centrepiece. Sometimes, you just have to make a statement!

#3 Royal Ocean Shimmer And Pool Toys!

Okay, so we know this might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of design, but hear us out: pool toys are fun! What else did you purchase your fibreglass pool for, if not for fun? Our Royal Ocean Shimmer reflects the sun such that it will shimmer during the day, whilst also being light enough for children to see the bottom of the pool. The importance of this cannot be understated for all manner of pool games. But make sure you keep your poolside area safe before the underwater games are underway. We recommend using brightly coloured toys (such as pink flamingos and neon-green floaties) to accentuate the deep blue of your pool.

#4 Royal Jade Shimmer In The Sun

Our Royal Jade Shimmer was designed to be in the sun all day, every day. It simply shines when the sun is on it! In the shade, this colour takes on a shade more akin to its namesake: jade. But in the sun it becomes a tad bluer. It will invite you and your guests with an irresistible temptation to swim! Consider placing your fibreglass pool close to any sunny spot if you’re looking at the Royal Jade Shimmer colour. During the evenings and mornings, it will revert back to its stunning jade colour. You’ll almost get 2 colours for the price of 1!

#5 Royal Alpine White Shimmer And Underwater Lights

The Royal Alpine White Shimmer is our brightest pool colour and arguably one of the most outstanding. This colour was made to drop jaws and take your breath away when the sun shines. However, its bold white colour is less noticeable during the night. For this, we recommend installing underwater LED lights to boost this colours ambience. Trust us: with the right underwater lighting configuration (we can help you with that) your Alpine White Shimmer will shine as brightly throughout the night as it does the day. A side note: because this colour is naturally paler, underwater lights will make it far brighter during the night than darker pool colours. Meaning it’s the perfect colour if you’re interested in late-night swims.

Make Your Mark

At the end of the day, there are an endless amount of fibreglass pool pairings for your home. These few we’ve listed should act merely as a guide. We can’t wait to see what design pairings you create for your own pool! But before we can get to that, why don’t you pick your pool design first – then we can get to the fun stuff. View Newcastle Swimming Pool’s range today!

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