5 Ways A Pool Can Take Your Date Night To The Next Level

Pools traditionally see their most usage during the day, especially when it comes to Australia’s blistering summers; but if you’re looking to set-up a romantic date for your significant other, don’t forget how serene and mysterious a night by the pool can be. The best part about a date night by your pool is that it can be affordable and designed by your own imagination – meaning it can be as thoughtful and personal as you want it to be. There is a surprising amount of original and romantic ideas that you can employ poolside to impress your significant other, so read on to get your smooth on!

5 ways your pool can take your date night to the next level

A Romantic Spa

Studies have shown (okay, there aren’t really any studies, but just common sense) that there is nothing more relaxing or romantic than champagne and a box of chocolates while sitting back in your spa with a loved one. The warmth of the spa water is particularly enticing during the cold winter months, and employing this idea during that time is also a great idea; there’s something about the cold, brisk air on your skin while your lower body is heated by the spa, that just gets the heart racing. A spa is also very suitable for date night because of it’s smaller size, causing a very close proximity between you and your spouse. Bonus secret tip: for added romance, you can never have enough bubbles.

Serving Up Your Romance Poolside

A simple, tried-and-tested way to impress anybody’s spouse is cooking them dinner; take this method to the next level by serving them dinner poolside. The atmosphere by your pool will be romantic, mysterious and even a tad unfamiliar, when compared with your usual dinner spot. Cooking dinner also doesn’t have to be your forte, as you can just as easily order in your favourite takeaway. You can both eat by the pool with your toes dipped in the water, or on any furniture you’ve placed around your poolside area, such as cabanas or Bali huts.

If you’re looking to make things even more romantic and make the night just that little extra special for your spouse, then don’t forget about the great date night secret: cocktails. These can be enjoyed by the pool for safety’s sake and can help you both relax and unwind after a long week.

Poolside Disco

If you’re not the most confident dancer, then we definitely recommend taking one of those cocktails we mentioned earlier. Geometric or rectangular pools are fitted with the perfect amount of poolside space to allow for (a somewhat restricted) couples dancing. The water will reflect the night sky and you can even install a stunning pool light to light up the water from below, in order to increase the ambiance.

There are plenty of portable and water-proof speakers on the market as well. These will be critical to weaving a romantic atmosphere for you and your partner, and allow for that personal touch, aka you and your partner’s favourite song.

Before you go dancing, however, ensure that the poolside area is clear and unobstructed. Pool appliances, such as automatic cleaners, skimmers, and your pool cover should be moved to the side in order to avoid the both of you tripping up during mid-dance. Bonus points if you and your partner wear swimmers so you can jump straight into the pool afterwards!

Keep The Night Fun With Floaties

Now, hear us out: pool floaties might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of romance. But sometimes a date only needs to be fun to be romantic, and what’s more important than having fun with your partner in your fibreglass pool? Pool floaties can range from the relaxing loungers that will allow you and your partner to pass the time together hand-in-hand as you read, to the absurd, sometimes-hilarious lobster and flamingo floaties that will have the two of you jumping, splashing and laughing in no time. But most importantly, floaties encourage you to swim! Swimming has been more than proven to provide health benefits such as reducing stress and increasing cardiovascular activity; you can’t say staying healthy with your spouse isn’t romantic.

Dancing Under The Stars

Timing is often important when it comes to important parts of life and this is just as important when it comes to date night. An excellent idea is to plan your date night around a time when the night sky will be clear and the moon big. This adds a romantic and illustrious feel to your night. The Moon will be reflected upon the pool water, especially if you’ve chosen the appropriate pool colour.

Pools At Night

We hope that we’ve given you a few ideas and inspirations for date night between you and that special someone. When you own a pool, the limits are endless and you really can take your date nights to the next level – without having to go out and spend a fortune. You can also add that personal touch, enjoy the myriad health benefits that pools offer and stay cool on summer nights. To start planning your perfect poolside date area, why don’t you take a look at our extensive range of fibreglass pools today?

Pools Are The Perfect Way To Add Fun During The Day And Romance At Night

Now that you've got some great ideas for your next date night, why don't you take it to the next level with an affordable fibreglass pool?