6 Secrets To Ensure Your Pool Stays Healthy During Autumn

It’s no secret that Winter can be a headache for pool owners (especially Australians!) But did you know that Autumn can be the perfect time to prepare for the chilly season? That’s right, save yourself a mini-nightmare in the future by using these tips to ensure you can prepare for Winter early!


Skimmer Cleaning Can Save You Big Messes Later

Leaves have the annoying tendency to fall in your pool and clog up your filter no matter the time of day or season – but especially so in Autumn! It’s more than likely that you’ll be using your pool less and less in the coming months. This means that your cleaning schedule may drop-off. Nip this in the bud by keeping on top of your cleaning during Autumn: this will mean that once Winter arrives and you make the final decision to cover your pool, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning it.

The best way to clean your pool free of leaves, insects and other floating debris is with a skimmer. This lightweight tool was designed for exactly this type of job. Did you know that frequent skimmer cleaning can significantly reduce the amount of clogging your filter will have to deal with, meaning you can save money on repairs and maintenance? We did, and we think you should too! Save yourself a ton of effort later on in Winter by skim cleaning your pool in Autumn.

Your Pool Cover Can Be Set Up Early To Avoid Headache Later

Speaking of pool covers, did you know they can save you money in the long term by significantly lowering your heating costs? A pool cover will trap the heat in your pool, meaning your pool heater won’t need to pump out as much heat as it normally would. Because fibreglass pools naturally retain heat better than concrete pools, it only makes sense that you double down on saving money by installing a pool cover. 

But where does Autumn come into the picture? Well, if you still plan on swimming during Autumn but you’re afraid the water might get too cold, then it’s a good time to start covering your pool now rather than later. Most pool owners will hold off on covering their pools until Winter really hits. But, ironically, this tends to lead to less pool usage during Autumn, as the weather grows chillier by the day. A pool cover, therefor, will keep your pool nice and warm in the lead-up to winter, meaning you can use it more. Additionally, a pool cover will help keep out all of those pesky leaves and debris we mentioned earlier.

Make Sure You Are Still Testing Your PH Levels During Autumn

If you do decide to cover your pool during Autumn, it’s important that you don’t simply “set and forget” your pool. Many poo owners make the mistake of thinking if their pool cover is on, then they don’t have to worry about maintenance or checking PH levels. In reality this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Leaves and debris can still slip underneath your pool cover unbeknownst to even the most watchful eye, affecting the chemical balance of your pool. Standard day-to-day wear and tear still applies to your pool, even underneath a pool cover, albeit it less rapidly. Winter is the time when most chemical imbalances occur in pools, precisely because people forget to check their pool balance during the cold weather. It is critically important to avoid this by making sure that you regularly check the PH and alkaline levels of your pool during Autumn.

Keep An Eye On Any Upcoming Weather Patterns

Unfortunately, Autumn means that the calm, sunny days of summer are behind us. Spoiler: it also means that the weather will be noticeably more erratic and wild in the coming weeks. Autumn is known for its storm of leaves and crazy winds. All of this means more cleaning for your pool.

An excellent way to deal with this is keeping yourself updated on the weather. If you know a storm is about to hit, then it would be a good idea to put the pool cover on if you haven’t already. You’ll also know which days (the ones after the storm) are best for cleaning your pool with a skimmer. Pool owners can make the mistake of simply leaving their cover on and thinking this alone will protect their pool from storms. However, it’s even more important to clean your pool after a storm. This is when your pool PH levels will be most affected – avoid it by cleaning your pool thoroughly after erratic weather.

…Make sure to avoid PH imbalance by cleaning your pool with a skimmer after a heavy storm…

Dish Out Some Shock Therapy To Your Pool

Shocking your pool is a process recommended by pool experts across the globe. “Shocking” your pool is when you add a higher dose of chemicals to your pool than you normally would. This can be advantageous in keeping ahead of, and dealing with, algae and keeping your pool at it’s healthiest. Swimming is not recommended during a shock cycle and for this reason alone many pool owners administer it during Winter. But you can shock your pool earlier in Autumn, to increase your pool’s health during Winter – especially if you have a pool heater.

Consider Keeping Your Fibreglass Pool Warm With A Heater

Ok, so this tip may not technically keep your pool healthy, but we highly recommend installing a heater in your pool. If cold water puts you off swimming, then this is the perfect option for you. You’ll be able to swim in your pool year-round and even enjoy the health benefits of a heated swim that you otherwise wouldn’t. Additionally, the more time you spend in your pool, the more likely you are to maintain it and notice any issues that may need your attention – thus expanding the lifespan of your pool and appliances. You may even opt to install a spa next to your pool, for the ultimate heated, relaxed experience.

We hope we’ve impressed upon you the importance of keeping your pool healthy during Autumn. Doing so could save you money in the long term and even extend the lifespan of your fibreglass pool! Now that you know Autumn and Winter don’t have to be so scary, you can enjoy swimming all year round! Now is the perfect time for you to view our extensive range of heated pools!