An Informative Guide to Pool Covers, Do You Really Need One?

When someone gets a pool the builders will usually ask you to get a cover for it too. A pool cover is one of the most essential things that a pool owner must-have. It is often overlooked as it does not contribute aesthetically to the pool. The gaudy aesthetic makes up for a lot of cost benefits that make the product worthwhile. Even a simple pool cover can bring down your costs of operation as it avoids evaporation loss and protects the pool from minor debris.

If you can get over the fact that a pool cover might not add a lot to the visual appeal of your backyard then it is a great investment. The pool cover pays for itself over the years as it saves you time and money in one way or another. It keeps your pool clean and operational for all weather. A year-long operational pool will give you time to enjoy this water facility whenever you like. To get the most enjoyment out of your pool a quality pool cover is necessary and that serves you well too.

But there are many types of pool covers and within that, there are different types and qualities. Most of them perform the same function of covering your pool but the way they do it is different. This means that you can find a cover that suits your needs easily. But with so many options which one would be right for you. In the article below, we tell you how you can get a pool cover and its various pros and cons.

1. Winter Covers

A winter pool cover as the name suggests is a cover for the off-seasons. It is an unusually large tarp that can be spread over the pool. It is like a bedsheet for your pool that protects it. The cover is held in its place by water bags, and they need to be replaced quite often.

These are one of the easiest to install covers do a great job of protecting the pool from debris and evaporation. Evaporation is a major concern as it lowers the water levels and changes the chemical balance of the pool. They might be good but do not offer any safety advantages. If a person or an animal gets engulfed in the cover it can cause major harm to them. You should be careful and vigilant when you install this type of cover. These should be avoided if you have pets or children. 

2. Pool Safety Covers

Traditional covers are tarp and pose a high risk for anyone who might fall on them. If you have kids or pets the chances of accidents happening are high. You can avoid this situation altogether while protecting your pool too. A safety cover has straps at the end of the cover so that you can anchor it with straps. They cover the whole perimeter of your pool and provide extra protection. Since they are harder than a tarp you can practically walk over them without any hesitation. 

They can take a lot of loads and prevents other solid things from getting into the pool. A safety cover can take up to 4500 pounds and will definitely outlast a winter cover. The main disadvantage of such a cover is that you will have to bear the cost upfront. You will have to shell a big sum but when you take into account that a winter cover will more than likely be replaced every other season. This recurring cost will add up in the long term. This means that in the long term a safety cover makes more sense.

They are usually of two different types - Mesh and Solid

Mesh Safety Cover

As the name suggests they are literally a mesh but the rain and snow can get past it easily. It usually traps all the solid debris that might come their way. It is less expensive than a solid safety cover. On the bright side, it is lighter and easier to handle than a solid safety cover. They are also cheaper and a viable option for people not looking to spend a lot on a pool cover.

As it does not block the rays of the sun, it can not stop algae and bacterial growth.

Solid Safety Cover

A solid safety cover is a solid piece of tarp or plastic that is hard and fits your pool like a glove. The cover engulfs the entire area in its shade and prevents both debris and sunlight from entering the pool. It prevents evaporation to a great extent and is stronger than your regular pool covers. 

All this blocking of external elements makes the annual spring cleaning a breeze. This is because the water is not as dirty as it could be, thus making the filtration and pump work less hard. This, in turn, saves you time and money. As the hardcover is stronger it tends to last a long time too. Thus, an upfront investment would save you money down the line.

3. Automatic Safety Covers

These are the only types of covers that are intended for daily use rather than seasonal use. This lends itself to a host of advantages that are hard to beat. It is the safest way to cover your pool. All sides of the pool are sealed and there is no way that any debris can get into the pool. 

They minimize evaporation and keep the fine dirt out too. The added benefit of an automatic pool cover is that you don’t have the spend time removing it. Since it is automated it does that itself. This saves you manual labor, time, and money. You can have the peace of mind of having a clean pool with an Automatic pool Cover. They can be deployed daily, so they have a few advantages –

  • Reduce the time needed by the filtration system to clean the pool
  • As it does not get dirty often or water does not evaporate daily the pH level remains constant. You do not have to buy the chemicals as often as you used to.
  • It reduces the number of services or cleaning routines that you need which can bring down costs by up to 75%.
  • Another advantage is that if you decide to heat the pool water, the automatic pool cover will help the pool to retain the heat for a long time. This means you don’t have to reheat the water as often leading to more energy savings.


With all the available options in the market, one must make a decision for themselves as to what will suit them. There is nothing wrong with any of the options. Your budget and pool will decide what kind of pool cover you’d need. Thus make sure you do your research and take advice from professionals for the same.

Another great option is to talk to the pool owners around you. They will give you a good idea about what the price of maintaining a pool is. They will also be able to share contacts of trusted pool builders who will be able to guide you in your quest for a pool cover.