Can Fibreglass Pools Be Built Above The Ground?

Who doesn’t want a swimming pool in the backyard? However, because of the layout of their background or exuberant cost, you might have been hesitant to take the step. Fortunately, even with these issues, you can still get a swimming pool for your home. Above-ground pools are the solution to all your problems. Not only are these cheaper to install, but can also accommodate almost every site. It will blend in seamlessly with your yard. You can even get high-quality fibreglass pools to be built above ground.

It is important to note that just because you are installing your fibreglass pool above ground, it doesn’t mean that you will be compromising on your pool’s aesthetics. There are still a lot of ways you can choose the design of your pool that fits in well with your background. In fact, if you get an infinity pool that comes with disappearing edges, you will have a luxurious feature for your above-ground fibreglass pool.

If you are still not convinced if you should build a fibreglass pool above ground, here is everything you need to know to make the decision:

It is not as affordable as you might think

Many people think that having an above-ground fibreglass pool will be less expensive. However, the truth is that this pool will only save you little to no money. Yes, you will save money as you won’t be using concrete for the patio and you will be using less backfill material. However, this will be balanced by the cost of framed decking. You might think that since the pool is above ground, there won’t be any excavating and you will save a lot of time and money. The time saved is actually marginal. So, before you opt for an above-ground fibreglass pool, make sure that you have enough money to get it installed. 

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It can make your pool deck come off at a higher level

If you want your pool deck to come off at a higher level, an above-ground fibreglass pool might be the perfect choice. However, before you make the decision, there two factors that you have to consider. The first one is to make sure that it comes custom-built directly from the manufacturer. This way, you will be sure of its structural integrity. The second one is the additional retaining wall that you will have to install to provide support to the fibreglass shell. This wall is covered with a framed deck. 

It looks really attractive

When it comes to getting a swimming pool for your house, the first thing that comes to your mind might be an inground pool. After all, they are quite popular and tie in with the backyard’s appearance. However, not everyone can install a pool like this in their backyard. For such people, an above-ground pool is the more suitable option. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the appearance. Many people believe that an above-ground pool always looks out of place. Fortunately, this isn’t the truth and there are several ways to customize your above-ground fibreglass pool in a way that fits the look of your house. With some nice surroundings that includes landscaping and plants, you can create a beautiful feature that incorporates nicely with your backyard.

It is durable

The shell of the fibreglass pool has super tactile strength, which makes it suitable for above-ground sites. These are constructed to accommodate earth movements. This ensures that they will last long and won’t crack.

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It can keep your downhill side exposed (if your fibreglass pool is on the hillside)

If you live in a hilly area and want to get your pool built on the hillside, you will want to ensure that the downhill side is exposed. In this situation, an above-ground fibreglass pool will be a more suitable choice. You also have to use some erosion control method on the downhill side to avoid washing out the hillside and the backfill material. Here are a few more situations where an above-ground fibreglass pool will be a better option:

  1. Your house is on a sloping site

  2. You want your pool to be closer to your building

  3. You want your pool on a deck or patio that is above the ground level

  4. You want infinity windows or edges on your pool

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It is easy to install

Compared to an inground pool, installing an above-ground pool is easy. This is because it requires little excavation work, which dramatically reduces the labour and time needed for installing the money. Also, since it has minimal construction, you won’t have to wait to swim in it. Once you fill the pool with water, you will be able to start swimming right away.

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It offers customization features

Fibreglass shells come pre-constructed, which is why many believe that there aren’t many customization options. But, the truth is that you can still customize the aesthetics of your pool. There is a lot you can do for improving the appearance of your pool, including multiple options for finishes, several landscaping features, and more. Your above-ground fibreglass pool should complement your taste preferences and sense of style. However, it is important to make sure that you select features that match with your backyard or else your pool will look out of place.

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If you are planning to get an above-ground fibreglass pool for your backyard, make sure that you hire a professional. Even though fibreglass pool shells come pre-constructed, the installation will require some support to get the much-needed structural integrity of a swimming pool. You shouldn’t take this lightly and try to DIY it. Hiring a professional is the right decision to make as they will ensure that your swimming pool has the required structural integrity and your aesthetic requirements. They will start the process by examining your land and listening to your expectations. Then, taking these factors into consideration, they will recommend the best option. Without the right professional, you might end up with a faulty installation, which will cost you a lot of time, money, and energy in corrective work. Hire the right professional from the start to get the most out of your swimming pool.