Can Fibreglass Pools Have Waterslides?

There's no denying that waterslides are fun -for both the adults and the kids! Can a fibreglass pool have a waterslide? In this post, we'll answer that question and everything else you could possibly want to know about waterslides for a pool. In short – The answer is yes, a fibreglass pool can absolutely have a waterslide however, there are some things to consider before making the big purchase.

Let's take a look:

How much you are willing to spend

Waterslides can be expensive, especially if you want a permanent fixture in your pool area. Establishing how much you are willing to spend on a slide can help you to determine which choices are in your budget.

The location of the slide

Putting a waterslide in your pool area isn’t something that can be done at random mainly because of safety concerns. The water slide mustn’t intrude on any of your pool fencing boundary lines and cannot be within 300mm of the fence. If it does, this can make your pool area unsafe, and you may be breaching pool fencing laws as outlined in the Australian Standard AS1926.

You want your waterslide to add to the appeal of your pool area, not detract from it. So placement is also key for this reason. You should be able to see it in its entirety from inside the house. This allows more people to keep a look for the kids if they are in the pool.

Who will use the slide the most?

If you have kids or you love the idea of making your pool area more fun, then a slide is probably a worthwhile investment however, if you are purchasing one just to enhance the look of the pool area yet you don’t think you’ll use it too often, it is unlikely to be of much benefit and probably not worth spending money on. Check out this post here on the top reasons why you should swim in your pool during summer!

Check with your local council beforehand

Before you buy or have a waterslide installed for your fibreglass pool, you should check with your local council first to ensure you don’t need a permit to do so.

Considering the type of waterslide that is best

Waterslide options today are almost endless, from small portables versions to custom-built large slides. You can choose from different heights, lengths and speeds, twists, turns etc. This is where considering who will be using the slide comes into play. Is it for the adults who are adrenaline junkies and need something that is exhilarating, or is it for the kids who perhaps need something slightly less extreme.

All types of waterslides regardless of their shape or size can be incorporated with a fibreglass pool.

What to look for when in the market for a waterslide

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when purchasing a waterslide, so it’s best to choose one that has safety features. Some things to look out for include secure handrails and non-slip steps.


Waterslides can be made using various types of different materials. Some of the more common ones are acrylic or polyethylene. These fair well against the harsh Aussie climate and are strong and resilient.

Look for a slide that is salt, rust, and UV resistant to ensure it lasts.


Choosing a colour that ties in with the pool and the surrounding areas is a good way to create a cohesive and well thought out space. For reference, check out our pool colours! 

Reasons why getting a waterslide for your fibreglass pool is a good idea

Get the kids outdoors

It’s no secret that many kids spend too much time on their beloved devices. A waterslide is fun, and the more fun your pool is, the more likely the kids are going to ditch the technology for time outdoors. This keeps them active and encourages them to be imaginative at the same time.

Economical to run

A waterslide will add very little if anything to your electricity bill. You can reduce its energy consumption further by turning it off when it’s not in use, and this can also help to reduce evaporation from occurring at a faster rate.


The sound of running water off a waterslide can have many therapeutic benefits. When it’s not in use, turn it on, sit back and relax in the tranquillity.

They are fun

Probably the most obvious reason for getting a waterslide for your pool is that they are fun! They are a source of entertainment for the kids and can take your pool party hosting to the next level. They can bring everyone together for some quality time and laughs.

Enhance to aesthetics of the pool area

A quality slide is a sure-fire way to add the wow factor to your pool area and the backyard as a whole.

Last tips when choosing a waterslide

The best types of slides are ones that have their own water supply

Waterslides with their own water supply are better for several reasons. Number one, it means you don’t have to hold a garden hose at the top of the slide or continuously have to wet it down. They preserve water by using pool water and redirecting it back into the pool. Additionally, using a hose on a slide can be dangerous as people can get caught up in it.

Some types have adjustable pressures, so you can change them to suit the ability of the person going down it. A waterslide with its own water supply is like being at a waterpark, only in your backyard!

Avoid metal slides

Metal slides are commonly manufactured using marine-grade stainless steel that heats up tremendously under the sun. This can cause burns to swimmers. If you buy a metal slide or any component of your slide has metal, ensure that you thoroughly wet down the surface until it has cooled sufficiently to make sure that it isn’t scalding hot.

Waterslides make a fantastic addition to a pool area. They’re fun and provide a source of entertainment for both the adults and children in the family. We hope this post has inspired you to add one to your fibreglass pool. If it’s something you are interested in, feel free to reach out to our team here at Newcastle Swimming Pools. Whilst it’s not something we offer ourselves, we know of plenty of reputable companies who do. Contact us today for more information.