Can Fibreglass Pools Have Waterslides?

Waterslides are a great way to add fun and entertainment to your backyard. A waterslide doesn’t just belong at a water park. Residential waterslides now make it possible for you to bring one home so your family and friends can live it upright at home.

So yes, your fibreglass pool can absolutely have a waterslide. But there are some things you should consider when shopping for a new waterslide.

What's Your Budget?

Residential waterslides are available across various price points. It’s entirely possible for you to find the right waterslide for your fibreglass pool without going over budget. But before you go shopping, you need to decide on what your budget is.

A cheaper waterslide can cost you a few hundred dollars, while more expensive waterslides can cost up to thousands of dollars. The sheer variety of waterslides available for fibreglass pools will enable you to find the perfect fit for your home. But irrespective of your budget, it’s crucial that you select a waterslide that has built-in safety features. This is even more necessary if you have kids at home, and they are the ones that will be using the waterslide most often.

Safety features you need to look out for include ladders and steps made of non-slip material and durable handrails that won’t give away. The waterslide should also be made of strong material that is resistant to rust. If your fibreglass pool uses saltwater instead of chlorinated water, then look for construction material that isn’t affected by salt.

Most residential waterslides are made using acrylic or polyethylene. These materials provide great strength and durability. Since waterslides are expensive and frequently replacing them isn’t realistically possible for most families – investing in a good waterslide right from the beginning can save you money in the long run.

Remember that your budget shouldn’t just include the amount you need to pay for the waterslide itself, but also the installation cost.

What Colour Should Your Waterslide Be?

Waterslides are available in multiple colours, and you can easily find something that suits your aesthetic. The most popular colour for waterslides are either blue or tan. But green, red, black, and even pink aren’t uncommon either.

When choosing the right colour for your waterslide, ideally you should select a colour that goes well with your home and background landscape in general. This will help your waterslide to appear like it’s a part of your home, and it won’t stand out too much. It’s probably a good idea to select the colour of your residential waterslide yourself instead of asking your kids. The reason behind this is that if they select a vibrant colour like bright pink or green, it may not go with your home and backyard. Since waterslides are expensive, this means that you may be stuck with that coloured waterslide for years even if it ruins your backyard’s aesthetics.

What Kind of Material is Best for a Waterslide?

The waterslide you choose to bring home should be durable and long-lasting. The last thing you want is for there to be an accident. This can easily happen if you opt for a cheap waterslide made of material like plastic or material that easily corrodes. Some waterslides are made using fibreglass material, and these could be a perfect companion for your fibreglass pool.

You should also take into consideration how the material you select will react to the natural environment. Metal waterslides, for example, can get extremely hot if left under the sun without the water running. If someone were to hop on the waterslide on a hot summer day without waiting for the metal slide to cool down underwater, they could easily get burnt.

Another factor to take into consideration is whether the material your waterslide is made of is UV resistant or not. Material that isn’t UV resistant is more likely to fade under the sun, leaving behind a dull and unattractive appearance. Avoid material that can crack, break, or pose any kind of safety risk for you and your family.

What Kind of Features Should Your Waterslide Have?

Waterslides are available with various features that range from twists and turns to a straight slide. The waterslide you choose for your fibreglass pool should be in accordance with what you want for your pool.

Some waterslides come with a soft curve that gently lets the swimmer slide into the pool. Others have more complex features, such as multiple twists and turns. These make for more thrilling experiences, but should ideally be avoided if your waterslide is primarily meant for toddlers or young kids.

Once you’ve selected your waterslide, settled on a colour, and decided on the features you want, it’s time to get it installed in your fibreglass pool.

Aside from twists and turns, some waterslides come with their own water supplies while others don’t. If you select a slide that doesn’t come with their own water supply, you’ll need to use a hose to supply water down the slide. You’ll need to place the hose on top of the slide, and use tap water to create the right conditions to use the slide.

Many waterslides, however, use the water from the pool to automatically generate the right conditions to use the slide without needing a hose or tap water. These waterslides are more useful, as the water from the pool is used on the slide. You also get to save water as tap water isn’t necessary.

Getting Your Waterslide Installed in Your Fibreglass Pool

You’ll need to call a professional to install the waterslide into your pool. Before they install the slide, they’ll ask you to show where you want to place it, and the direction you want it to turn towards. You can install a waterslide that turns either left or right.

When you’re considering where you want to install the waterslide in your fibreglass pool, you should think about whether you have a clear view of the waterslide or not.

You should be able to see the waterslide from both next to the pool, as well as the the interior of your home. Having a clear view will make it easier for you to supervise your children while they use the slide.

Do You Need to Maintain and Clean Your Waterslide?

Yes, absolutely. After being exposed to the elements, as well as harsh chemicals from pool water, your waterslide will need to be cleaned. During the summer months, when the waterslide is being used more often – opt to clean it or get it cleaned once every few weeks. You can clean it less often during winter, when it’s less likely to be used.

To clean your waterslide, you’ll need to buy a gentle cleaner as well as a non-abrasive cloth material. Apply the cleaner on the slide, leave it for around fifteen minutes or so, and then wipe it off using your cloth. You can also get it professionally cleaned.

Alongside regular cleaning, calling your installer to inspect the waterslide every few months is a great idea as well. This helps ensure that the structure of the waterslide is up to par and leaves little to no room for accidents.

Benefits of Adding a Waterslide to Your Fibreglass Pool

Adding a waterslide to your home is a great investment. You get to enjoy:

  • Unlimited fun in your own backyard.
  • If you feel like riding the waterslide, or during the cold winter months, you can use the sound of the water trickling down the slide to add tranquility to your life. The sound of slowly running water is also a great meditation tool.
  • With your very own water park, the aesthetics of your backyard will greatly improve as well.

One final thing to keep in mind when adding a waterslide to your home is whether you’re complying with the local safety codes or not. Speak to your council before you make your purchase to understand the regulations regarding waterslides to ensure that you can enjoy sliding into your fibreglass pool without accidentally breaking any laws.

Waterslides bring enjoyment and style to any home. Bring home a waterslide for your fibreglass pool to add a safe and fun environment right in your backyard.