How Long Do Fibreglass Pools Last?

Fibreglass Pools are quickly becoming the number one choice for families across Australia, and there’s no surprise why! Not only are they long-lasting, because they are durable. They are very affordable, and are low maintenance. Plus fibreglass pools are a modern option and look fantastic! Here at Newcastle Swimming Pools, we offer a wide range of fibreglass pools in many different sizes, colours, shapes and designs to suit everyone’s swimming needs. We make no exception when it comes to delivering only the highest quality fibreglass pools that will last a lifetime! However, it is interesting to note that there are other swimming pools on the market which won’t last as long as fibreglass.

There are 3 different types of swimming pools on the market today and they are Vinyl Liner, Concrete and Fibreglass.

Vinyl Liner Pools generally will only last around 6-12 years. While they may cost less in the beginning, the costs for maintenance and replacement are higher and can end up costing you a lot more down the track. 

Concrete Pools were a popular choice because you can choose any type of design you want, which is good for yards where the pool needs to fit into specific landscaping. While a concrete pool will last longer than a vinyl pool, it is important to note that they will need to be resurfaced  approximately every 10 years. They are also more expensive when it comes to maintenance as more chemicals are needed to kill off bacteria and algae that grow on the porous surfaces. 

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Fibreglass Pools will last 30 years plus! Just make sure that when choosing a fibreglass pool you purchase from a company that only manufactures top-quality pools. Here at Newcastle Swimming Pools, we offer a lifetime structural and internal warranty on all our pools so you can rest assured you are buying the highest standards of pool available, which means your pool will last a lifetime!

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What is a Fibreglass Pool?

A fibreglass pool is manufactured in a factory using a particular mould. The fibreglass moulds come in an extensive range of different shapes, styles and sizes. Once they are purchased from a customer, they then get shipped out to the required address. Fibreglass pools are made up of 7 different layers of strength. This is why they are so durable, flexible, long-lasting, and can withstand earth movements, cope with the extreme weather conditions, and ultimately last a lifetime. Fibreglass pools are designed to have a slight flex to their shape, so they will not crack. Concrete pools, however, are known to crack due to earth movements and extreme weather.

What are the distinctive and attractive features of a fibreglass pool?

  • Quick and easy to install 
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Maintenance is easy and affordable 
  • Gel coat and smooth surface 
  • Most companies will offer a lifetime or an extensive structural warranty 

Installation of a Fibreglass pool:

Fibreglass pools are quick to install, and can have a turn around time of 6-10 days. Each backyard is different, and depending on the site access and amount of earthworks to be done will determine how long your pool will take to be installed. The installation of your swimming pool should be carried out by highly trained and experienced employees. While DIY installation can seem like a more affordable option in the beginning, the reality is you should be aware of the major safety risks involved. Ensure you use a licensed pool builder to install your pool to avoid problems such as bulging walls or your swimming pool shifting, and other expensive damages and problems you will need to pay for to be fixed in the future. Installation of a pool will also require earth to be moved and then backfilled once the pool is in place. They will box it in and pour concrete to secure the pool. To finish off you will need to fill the pool with water, and also add decking or paving- then you are good to go!

Maintenance of a Fibreglass pool:

All pools must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, however fibreglass pools are a popular choice because of their low maintenance. Removing dirt and debris regularly, by using a skimming net with a telescopic pole will allow you to reach dirt that’s anywhere in your pool. Having a pool vacuum is a lifesaver when it comes to removing dirt, bugs and leaves from the bottom of your pool. A pool vacuum will also help prevent stains. When it comes to chemicals for your fibreglass pool, steer clear of harsh cleaners that can damage fibreglass pools. It’s important to only use chemicals and tools which are made specifically for fibreglass pools. By keeping on track with the chemical levels by checking the balance of your pool regularly will ensure your pool remains hygienic and crystal clear. The recommended PH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6.

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A top-quality filter left on to run for at least 6-8 hours each day, is necessary in fibreglass pools to make sure the water is kept clean at all times. Not only will it remove debris, it also helps maintain a balance with the chemicals. The best time to run the filter is straight after the pool has been used. This will ensure any dirt, oils and lotions etc is collected and removed from the pool. A pool cover is a fantastic investment to assist with pool maintenance as well. Even in the cooler months when your pool is not being used it will still need to be maintained. Using a pool cover will help stop any dirt and debris and prevent your pool water from getting contaminated.

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Investing in a swimming pool could be the biggest purchase you make to your home. So it’s important that you do your research. Fibreglass pools have become increasingly more popular in recent years and it is no surprise why. They are easy to maintain, keep clean, durable and more affordable than a concrete pool. All of our fibreglass pools have a lifetime structural and internal warranty and each of our pools comes with the 5 tick certified product of approval. If you would like further information or have any questions, our friendly team at Newcastle Swimming Pools will be happy to assist, so give us a call!