Is A Fibreglass Swimming Pool A Good Investment?

Fibreglass pools are a great investment choice for your home! We know it might be a bit of a cliche saying, but a fibreglass pool can be more than just a pool – it can be a tremendously good investment for you and your family! In terms of property, any old pool will raise the value of your home. But fibreglass pools are special in that they have the lowest ongoing costs in terms of maintenance of all pool types on the market. We might be a bit biased here at Newcastle Swimming Pools, but we firmly believe that fibreglass pools just add that little extra oomph to any property they inhabit!


Reasons Why A Fibreglass Pool Is A Good Investment:

So, just why is a fibreglass pool a good investment? It might surprise you to learn there are lots of reasons a pool can be considered a good investment. The obvious reason is that a pool is a unique and easy way to greatly raise the value of your property. However, there are some additional, surprising reasons why a pool is a great investment, such as directly improving your health and even enhancing the design of your home. These include:

Raise Your Property Value

So, why exactly is a fibreglass pool a great investment? Well firstly, installing a pool can – on average – raise the value of a property from anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000 depending on its size. Additionally, if you are looking to add value to your home and potentially sell, it’s widely accepted that potential home buyers are much more attracted to properties with pools. A fibreglass pool will also be a great asset in attracting home buyers with families, as children love pools!

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Lowest Running Costs Timewise And Financially

Fibreglass pools offer a fantastic return on value for your initial investment. Fibreglass pools have the lowest ongoing running cost of any pool on the market, meaning you won’t have to keep pumping funds into it after it’s installed. Unlike concrete pools and vinyl pools, fibreglass pools wont need resurfacing every 10 years or replace any troublesome liners. Additionally, a small amount of effort when it comes to cleaning and regular maintenance on your behalf can lead to huge savings in the long term. Time-wise, fibreglass pools are a great investment! If that’s not enough incentive, then remember: fibreglass pools are extremely resistant to algae, meaning you won’t have to spend money (and time) scrubbing away on your weekends. Of all pool options on the market, fibreglass pools are the only kind you can be sure will last well into the future with minimal effort on your behalf!

…Regular swimming in a fibreglass swimming pool can provide a healthy cardiovascular and aerobic workout. It can also raise your endorphins and improve your sleep!…

Invest In Your Physical Health

Did you know that pools can be a fantastic investment in your own health? We did! And we think you should know too! Lap pools have a wide range of amazing health benefits, such as encouraging a healthier lifestyle and providing an accessible workout routine for those suffering from frail bones. In fact, even just regular swimming in any old fibreglass pool can provide a great cardiovascular and aerobic workout. It’s widely accepted that consistently swimming can raise your endorphins and even improve your sleeping pattern. So if you’re not a fan of constantly wiping sweat from your forehead and waiting in traffic in order to get to the gym, then a fibreglass pool is a fantastic investment for your health!

Tie Together Your Home’s Design

A fibreglass pool is the perfect centrepiece to tie together any backyard design. It can be the showstopper to a trendy, contemporary home or the main family area in a suburban home. Installing a fibreglass pool also oftentimes serves as the catalyst for redesigning tired, old backyards and property that are in desperate need of love. If our team of trusted, professional pool experts are going to be digging a hole in your garden, then you may as well make the most of it! Fibreglass pools offer a fantastic centrepiece for any design you can imagine and instead of being a mere prop or “showpiece”, you can actually use your pool! Redefine your home with a fibreglass pool today.

At Newcastle Swimming Pools, we believe fibreglass pools are a great investment for 4 main reasons:

  1. Fibreglass pools can be a fantastic investment for your health. Even casual swimming for 10-20 minutes can provide a great cardiovascular workout that all ages and skill levels can take advantage of. Invest in your own health!
  2. A fibreglass pool can directly raise the value of your property, which is particularly important if you plan on selling in the near future. A great investment financially.
  3. Fibreglass pools have the lowest running costs of any pool on the market. If you’re looking to save time and money, then they are a great investment.
  4. They are a perfect feature to bring together your poolside area design and provide a fun gathering area for your whole family!

Now that you know how good of an investment a fibreglass pool can be, take the next step and check out our award-winning range today!