Keeping Safe Around Your Pool

A fibreglass pool is a place of endless fun and bonding for your family – especially the little ones! But, as with anything that provides so much enjoyment to them, it can sometimes get a little…messy.


Why Does Safety Matter?

Why is this important to know? Well, a messy pool and poolside area can sometimes pose a safety hazard for you and your family. After all, many of the things that go into a pool can be cumbersome, such as a skimmer or vacuum, which can easily trip you up and cause harm. Additionally, the wet nature of your poolside area (due to all the splashing) makes the area already prone to slippage.

However, you need not fear: keeping your pool safe and hazard-free requires only a small, regular amount of diligence on your behalf. To keep your family, pets and any guests that you may have over (and why wouldn’t you: with a pool from Fibreglass Pools Melbourne, you’ll be dying to show it off) we advise you to read on and discover our 5 easy steps to safety-proof your poolside area.

Keep Your Swimming Supervised

By asking someone you trust to accompany you while you swim (even if they remain outside the water) you are ensuring that someone will be around to help in the worst-case scenario. This is particularly important when young children may be swimming in your pool: an adult will be able to lend a hand if they start struggling to swim.

It is always advisable to have a close friend or family member with you when you swim. Or at least swim in such a way that you are clearly visible from within the house. By having someone watch over you, you can attempt that new freestyle lap record! Children will also be able to enjoy the deep end of the pool without having to worry.

Make It Easier To See With Underwater LED Lights

One thing that can make any poolside area difficult to traverse is a lack of light – most prominently a concern during the night time. Any pool toys, skimmers, vacuums, robotic cleaners or other objects around the pool will become much harder to see. An ill-lit pool and poolside area run you the risk of bumping into these things if not properly stowed away during the day. 

This can be easily fixed by proper lighting around your poolside area. Of course, the next best thing is to have lights in your pool! Recent innovations made in the pool LED lighting industry mean that pool lights have never been easier to install, provide helpful illumination, and they can make your pool look stunning and impressive!


A Pool Cover Can Help Tremendously

For its affordable price, a pool cover can offer you and your family a huge amount of value. In this case, a pool cover will aid in preventing any water-related injuries. Namely, if someone were to fall into your pool and become disorientated, particularly at nighttime, they will be able to cling to your pool cover for safety. The cover will offer them buoyancy and a way back to the pool edge. Also, because the pool cover floats on the surface of the water, any children or pets (or you!) that fall will avoid being submerged completely, and can safely float on the pool cover until help arrives.

A Tidy Pool Can Save You Headache later (Literally!)

Remember when we said keeping your poolside area was going to be easy? Well, congratulations! You’ve made it to the easy part.

Keeping your poolside area clean and tidy is the most effective way of safety-proofing your pool as a whole. Before you retire for the afternoon after a long day of having fun in your pool, pick up any loose objects that may have been strewn around. These include cleaning tools and any pool toys such as floaties or beach balls. Stow these away carefully and securely, so that there are no tripping hazards around your pool. 

Now, not only is your pool and poolside area safe but because it’s also tidy your pool will look even more amazing to you and any guests!

A Final Note On Safety:

Remember, the key steps to keeping yourself and your family (including your four-legged friends!) are:

  1. Make sure every swimming session is supervised 
  2. Ensure your pool area is properly lighted for night swims 
  3. Use a pool cover to keep anyone falling in safe 
  4. Keep your poolside area tidy to avoid tripping hazards

Now that you’ve learned the ropes for the basics of poolside safety, your next step is owning a pool yourself! At Newcastle Swimming Pools, we’re happy to provide some of Australia’s favourite fibreglass pools. Build lasting memories with your family in a fibreglass pool today!