Landscaping Ideas For Your Fibreglass Pool To Increase Your Property Value

One of the best parts of getting a new fibreglass pool installed in your home is that you'll be able to increase the value of your property. Properties that have swimming pools attached tend to fetch a higher price when being sold. But that, of course, isn't the main reason that you're buying your fibreglass pool.

People bring fibreglass pools home because there are several physical as well as emotional benefits associated with owning a swimming pool. You can use your fibreglass pool to exercise, or you could use it as a way to relax.

Getting a new fibreglass pool is just the beginning, however. Other than having your pool installed, you’ll also need to think about the landscaping around the area. Properties that have a backyard landscape that’s cohesive with their homes will sell for even higher. So if the property value of your home was concerning you, then landscaping the area around your fibreglass pool can help you to increase your property value.

How can you landscape the area around your pool?

You can think of keeping your landscaping simple, or you could go all in and create an oasis for yourself. When thinking of how you can landscape the area around your pool, then think about more than adding a concrete pathway. You can add flowers that are aromatic, pavers that are upgraded as well as seating areas that look inviting.

When you add natural elements to your landscape design, you can make your fibreglass pool feel like a real oasis.

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1. Adding plants that are jungle-inspired

Consider adding lush vegetation around your fibreglass pool. If you enjoy tropical vacations or dream of the same, then now you can create one in your backyard. Remember that you’ll need to find varieties that best suit the climate in your region.
If you live in areas that have a hardy climate, you can still create a backyard oasis. You’ll need to opt for plants line ferns, hibiscus and even hostas. There are palms that can also do quite well in hardy environments.

2. Creating a wall of rocks

Consider adding a few boulders that are elevated, to your pool area. These can be added around one edge of the fibreglass pool. You can also think about getting a look that is customized. This can be done by incorporating the rock directly within the pool design. This is usually done during the pool installation phase.

You can also add artificial boulders, especially if you’re landscaping after the pool has already been built. There are even artificial boulders that have speakers built into them, for people who enjoy adding music to their pool time.

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3. Adding planters

Early on when you’re considering how to landscape your pool area, don’t forget to think about planters. These look brilliant around your fibreglass pool but will need to be added in early while landscaping. You can make use of planters to showcase flowers that are blooming, trees as well as shrubs. Some of the planters you get could be built into the landscape, which increases the wow factor of your yard.

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4. Building a lounging space

You can also think about adding a space exclusively for lounging, next to your fibreglass pool. This will need to be made in an area that is shaded, and you should also provide space for cabanas. A cheap way you can build a lounge space in your yard is with lounging chairs as well as one sail shade.

You can even build a pool house that is open air. This is an experience that is provided by many well-known resorts.

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5. Xeriscaping

If you want to make use of stamped pavers to decorate your pool area, then you can end up spending around $7000 at least. This is why adding pavers can be expensive, especially should you be redecorating. If you add in elements associated with xeriscaping, you can have a pool deck built that is narrower.

This can help you save on pavers while also giving your pool area a refined feel.

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6. Grass between your concrete pavers

Are you wondering how you can more elements of intrigue to your pool area? One way you can achieve this is by adding just some inches of grass between your concrete pavers. This look is both classic and still very contemporary. If you’re redoing the decking area of your fibreglass pool, then this could be a great way to redesign it.

7. Adding a wooden deck

You can mix materials when it comes to the decking space of your fibreglass pool, as a way to add visual interest to your pool area. A floating wooden deck located just next to your pool can even give the illusion that there is more space. You can also add a new patio table to the area to create a dining space by the pool.

8. Add a waterfall feature

One way you can make your backyard landscape look even more glamorous is with the help of a waterfall feature. And adding a waterfall may not be as expensive as you think. There are waterfalls that are quite affordable for homeowners. On the other hand, you can also add a large glamorous waterfall to your pool area as well.

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9. Add blossoming flowers

When you add aromatic flowers to your pool area, then you can make enjoy sensory experiences right in your backyard. You’ll need to research what kind of flowers and shrubs do well in your climate. However, there are also some flowers, like geraniums, that suit nearly any climate. Think about whether you want to add seasonal or annual flowers. Bright, vibrant flowers are a great way to spruce up your backyard space.

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10. Build a firepit

Maybe you want to turn your pool area into the perfect location to lounge. You can make your fibreglass pool look more inviting by adding a firepit to your pool landscape design. You can even get a firepit built that runs on propane. With a firepit, you’ll be able to create many memorable moments by your pool.


Adding new features to your landscape around the pool is a great way to increase your overall property value. From water features to lush vegetation, there are lots of options available to you, when it comes to backyard landscape design. Use these ideas as inspiration for your fibreglass pool landscape design, and enjoy improving your poolside landscape.