Making The Most Of Your Fibreglass Pool: Exercises, Repetitions and Routines

One great benefit of owning a fibreglass pool is that you can ensure you can obtain physical health benefits from using it. A fibreglass pool can be the perfect place to host a party for your family and friends, but you can also exercise in it every day. With a pool right in your home, your family can enjoy taking time away from the heat to cool down. But there's more you can do with your fibreglass pool than treat it like a place to socialise in.

Consider maximising the health benefits that are associated with your fibreglass pool.

What are the health benefits associated with using a fibreglass pool?

When you choose swimming as your go-to exercise, you find a way to burn your calories while also reducing the risk associated with injury. The movements that you make in a pool are of low impact. This allows for a workout that is more friendly on the joints. So, if you have joint issues, arthritis, or if your muscles are inflamed, then pool exercises can be a great way to make yourself feel better

Water is at least 784 times as dense as air is. This means that you’ll be met with a stronger resistance which results in you burning more calories. When you swim, you also end up using all your muscle groups in both your upper as well as lower body. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy working out your whole body.

With summer on the way, now is a great time to make firm resolutions regarding how you want to use your fibreglass pool. You should already know that there are many health benefits associated with swimming laps in your pool. But it can be tedious to just keep swimming laps. However, there are other exercises you can consider as well, that you can do in your fibreglass pool.

What are the types of equipment you'll need to exercise in your pool?

There are plenty of types of pool equipment available, that can enable you to do a wide range of exercises in your pool. These are the three most common pool accessories needed for people who want to enjoy exercising in their pool:

  • Goggles: This is a necessary accessory if you want to exercise in water. Your goggles can enable your body to create a form that is steady, while also ensuring that your eyes are protected.
  • Aquatic weights: With weights, you can experience greater resistance within the water. If you’re looking to work on groups of small muscles, then aquatic weights could be perfect for you.
  • Water floaties: It’s always a good idea to have a water float nearby. This is especially useful in case you get a cramp. With a water float, you’ll be able to make your way around your pool even with a cramp.

Five exercises that you can do in your fibreglass pool

Wondering what exercises you can do in your fibreglass pool, aside from swimming laps? Here are five exercises that you can do.

1. The Bicycle

To do this exercise, you’ll first need to rest both your elbows on the pool’s sides. You should also be facing the pool as you do this. Now, slowly move your legs until you’re in a position where you’re crouching.

From here, you’ll need to move both your legs as if you’re riding an imaginary bicycle. Do this in the forward motion at least thirty times. Then repeat it in the backwards direction another thirty times. Do five repetitions of this to get a good workout for your legs, in your pool.

If you want to opt for an exercise version that is less intensive, then repeat the bicycling motion for a period of around two minutes. Then take a break for at least thirty seconds. Repeat this another four to five times. This exercise will help you to strengthen your core while also burning calories. You can improve your form, and work on your shoulders as well as your legs.

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2. The Missile

To do this exercise, you’ll need to start near the wall of the pool. You should be facing the floor of the pool. Your legs should be bent like you’re squatting. Now, position your hands such that they are parallel to the floor of the pull. Now you’ll need to push away from the wall in order to move away.

Consider repeating this exercise around five to six times. When you’ve done this, you can flip around and do the same exercise while facing upwards. Do the same number of repetitions that you did for the downward-facing exercises. With this exercise, you’ll be able to strengthen your glutes as well as your calves, and even your hamstrings.

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3. Water Jogging

Instead of swimming laps in your pool, consider jogging around in it instead. This can be a great exercise, especially for your lower body. First, however, you’ll need to warm your body up for around five minutes. Then, when you’re ready, move your knees up and across to get a workout that is more intense. Water jogging for anywhere between fifteen to thirty minutes can be excellent for your physical health.

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4. Squat Jumps

In order to do this exercise, you’ll first need to move to the squatting position, within the pool. Now, jump as high as you can go. Do this around ten times before you take a break of around sixty seconds. Repeat this exercise for around five reps.

With this pool exercise, you will be able to strengthen your quads as well as your hamstrings and glutes. This exercise can also help you to improve your balance.

5. Bicep Curls

To do a bicep curl, you will first need to stand in the water until you are chest deep. Now, take your aquatic weights and lift them out in front of you until they reach your chest. All the motion you do should be underwater. In this way, do ten bicep curls. Then you’ll need to rest for ten seconds. Repeat this cycle around five to six times.


If you have a fibreglass pool at home, then this can be an excellent place to work out in. From exercises with accessories to freehand exercises, there are five exercises that you can do in your pool. Use this guide to learn what they are. 

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