Rectangular Fibreglass Pools! Here Is Why They Will Always Be a Favourite and The Most Popular Choice

A swimming pool is perhaps one of the most coveted things for homeowners driven by sophistication and luxury. The pool area becomes an integral part of your property because it contributes not only towards its aesthetic value but also its potential monetary price. A backyard with a pool is something no prospective homebuyer can resist, especially if the pool exudes its distinctness in its style and shape.

High-end properties feature swimming pools in a variety of shapes and sizes. The mix is quite eclectic and sometimes customized to please the personal tastes of homeowners. But a classic rectangular pool will always be the favorite of many. It amazingly blends both practicality and aesthetics and you will never regret going for a fibreglass version. Such a pool is known for its simplicity and versatility, giving you a range of advantages over pools of other shapes.

The commonality of rectangular fibreglass pools often makes people think what’s so special about them. Well, if you are one of them, then below are a few points that will eliminate all your doubts and perhaps make you adding it to your backyard:

1. Your spot for relaxation

Having a rectangular fibreglass pool becomes a practical part of your property where you can relax to your heart’s content. Imagine the rejuvenating effect a dip into a pool can have on a summer evening after a busy day. Won’t that be amazing? Moreover, you can even get a few lounge chairs to spend some time by the poolside, reading a book, or sipping a cocktail. Your poolside becomes the perfect spot for you to relax, either alone or with your family and friends. You can create a luxurious resort-style setting right in your backyard—just the thing you need to unwind yourself.

2. Social gatherings become more delightful

A poolside party can be a great way to spend some memorable times with your family and friends. Having a rectangular fibreglass pool allows you to throw a poolside party and incorporate some interesting water sports. Your guests can gather beside the pool for an evening under the sky with good food and drinks. Some of them can choose to jump into the pool to play water volleyball or simply float on a buoyant. Be it a birthday party, anniversary party or any other jubilant occasion, your poolside is where you and your loved ones can bond well and spend some quality time together.

3. Keeps your health in shape

Time and again, swimming is endorsed as an extremely beneficial sport. The whole action of going against the pressure of water gives your body—from your head to your toes–an amazing workout. Most people join swimming classes in their neighbourhood clubs, but they prove expensive over time. So, having a rectangular fibreglass pool in the backyard can spare you the hassle of going to a nearby swimming pool for your lapses. You can boost your fitness at home itself and also enjoy your time in the water. You will see a great improvement in your muscles and your cardiovascular health when you swim on a regular basis. Now that you know the benefits it has for your own health, do you know how to keep your pool healthy during the autumn months? If not, find out here!

4. Complements your property

A rectangular fibreglass pool is a classic structure that goes well with pretty much every kind of home décor. So, when you are building a backyard swimming pool, you should ensure that your home’s décor and the pool design are in line with each other. When both are coordinated well, your property gets a stylish accent that lures people. It creates an impression that you take care of your property well and have a classy taste. Prospective homebuyers find this an attractive aspect that makes them want to pay a premium price. A rectangular pool may look conventional, but its utility and aesthetic value certainly give your property a boost in the long run.

5. Provides modification options

It’s true that rectangular pools may need more square footage. But if your backyard is small or there’s a part of the house or a tree that you wish to preserve, you can consider modifying the shape to fit it well. You can consider building a smaller rectangle and still get a decent perimeter size. A rectangular fibreglass pool also proves to be an ideal choice if you wish to incorporate a pool cover. Since is the shape is pretty basic, you can use motorised pool cover with fixtures and railings. These can slide easily, providing you a simple open and close functionality.

6. Installation is quick and easy

One of the most worrisome factors for homeowners wanting to install a swimming pool is time. It’s true that building a swimming pool takes time. But the fibreglass models have a significant advantage over their other counterparts. A rectangular fibreglass pool is way easier and faster to install. It typically takes about 60 days to finish building it, but using fibreglass can cut that time by half. If you go with a highly professional and experienced service provider, then you can expect the project to finish even more quickly. When the process ends within time, you are also likely to save a lot of money by reducing your labor needs.

7. Easy maintenance for the busy homeowners

It’s not always easy to maintain a swimming pool. You will have to clean the floor and change the water at regular intervals. But a rectangular fibreglass pool can make a difference by reducing your pool maintenance needs. A fibreglass pool has a gel coating that prevents the growth of algae. This is not always the case with concrete pools. With a fibreglass pool, you also see a reduction in mould issues, meaning you cut down the time to clean your pool. So, you should go with a rectangular fibreglass pool if you have a busy schedule and wish to spend less for labour and cleaning charges. Their durability also helps you keep expensive repair works at bay.

The above are some reasons why you should go for a rectangular fibreglass pool. These reasons give a clear idea of how these pools are the favourite of so many homeowners. It’s an attractive mid-range option that allows you to enhance the overall value of your property. So contact our Pool Building Experts today, to start installing your Rectangular Pool!