Reduce Your Stress By Swimming In A Mineral Pool!

A mineral pool operates a bit like a magical concoction: preventing premature aging, reducing your stress and anxiety, and even making your skin glow! Okay, so it’s not actually magical: but its benefits are certainly real! If you’re looking for the health improvements of a professional spa, then you’ve come to the right mineral pools blog – and the best part is you can have it in the comfort of your own home.

Are Mineral Pools The Same As Chlorine Pools?

Before we dive into the advantage of swimming in a mineral pool, it’s worth discussing the difference between them and traditional, chlorine pools. 

Mineral pools are primarily different from traditional pools on account of them using minerals, such as magnesium and borates, to clean and maintain their waters. This is in stark contrast to normal pools that rely exclusively on chlorine. Mineral pools have become increasingly popular due to the smooth, gentle nature of minerals such as magnesium, which are nowhere near as abrasive or prone to irritation as chlorine is.

So, What Are The Actual Benefits Of A Mineral Pool?

Separating the benefits of mineral water from the health advantages provided by regular swimming (which is a lot by the way), we can see that the popularity of mineral pools is well-founded.  

The reasons to make use of a mineral pool are numerous: 

  1. Moisturise your skin and leave it with a glowing hue 
  2. Relax your body and mind – the softness of mineral water is extremely therapeutic for nerves
  3. Prevent premature aging and hair loss thanks to magnesium
  4. Enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep

#1 Let Your Muscles Relax

Have you ever finished a day of work or a particularly tough workout, and felt your body’s muscles just ache with tightness? Well, the good news is that the magnesium used in mineral pools is absorbed through your skin; it then hydrates your muscles, reducing tightness and tension. Additionally, the softness of mineral water will be far gentler on your skin and its noticeable weight will act as a comforter to aching muscles.

This relaxation process will greatly aid you in relieving any of the stressful tension that is stuck in your body. When your body is relaxed, your mind is soon to follow – meaning less stress for your day to day life!


#2 Enjoy Smooth Skin That Glows

Remember that mineral called magnesium we just mentioned? Yep, we’re going to be bringing it up a lot – that’s because it’s so good for you! 

Magnesium is the mineral that gives pool water that soft and silky smooth feeling. In fact, you may even notice that after swimming in a mineral pool your skin is feeling noticeably smoother – it might even be looking a little more bright!

The reason for this is that magnesium will inject moisture through your skin, rather than strip it away as chlorine does. This will leave your skin feeling moisturised, preventing wrinkles and premature aging all across your body! How does smooth, gorgeous-looking skin reduce stress? Well, what’s less stressful than knowing your skin looks young and healthy!

…The extra buoyancy of mineral water will contribute to an overall comforting and therapeutic sensation if you allow yourself to simply float for a moment or two…

#3 Wave Goodbye To Stress And Anxiety

If you’re swimming in a mineral pool then you can be rest assured that even regular swimming in a fibreglass pool can provide an aerobic and high-quality cardiovascular workout. Why is this important? Because exercise raises your endorphins and makes you feel more confident; both important factors in warding off stress and anxiety, which can instead leave you feeling down and lethargic.

Where mineral pools come in is to make this workout physically therapeutic for your body as well. The heavy weight of mineral water will comfort your body and muscles as you swim. Moreover, mineral water also possesses more buoyant qualities than traditional pools, meaning it will be far easier for you to simply float, relax and let your mind take a moment of peace to unwind.

The soft and gentle sensation of mineral water on your skin will calm your nerves. In fact, seeing as you can’t bring your smartphone device with you in the pool, a mineral pool will forcibly separate you from any sources of stress or anxiety that may have been bugging you throughout the day.

#4 Catch Up On Some Zzzz’s With Deeper Sleep!

Studies have shown that lack of sleep is one of the biggest contributors to stress in our day to day lives. 

Mineral pools can aid in this regard by boosting your blood circulation and reducing lethargic feelings. Swimming just a few hours before bed can increase the blood circulation between your head and heart, which can result in a deeper and more restful sleep for you. 

With increased blood circulation, lowered levels of stress and anxiety, you’ll find it much easier to fall asleep and stay that way. And better sleep, in turn, results in even less stress for you! Overall, this positive cycle perpetuated by swimming in a mineral pool regularly will leave you with more energy and high levels of endorphins – aka, you’ll be happier instead of stressed! (Not to mention your skin is going to look fabulous) 

Although mineral pools are popular in local spas and health retreats, you need not rely on them for your happiness and wellbeing. The benefits of a mineral pool can be found in your own backyard! Of course, the best part is that a mineral water system can be used with any of our fantastic fibreglass pools – so choose yours today!