Should You Buy a Home with a Pre-Built Pool or Get One Installed Later?

You want a pool in your new home – that’s a given. But, you’re not sure if you should buy a house that already comes with a pre-built pool or if you should have one installed after you move in. This decision can be incredibly hard to make. That’s why our team is here to help you so that you make the smartest decision possible.

6 Factors to consider when deciding between buying and building a pool

Your goal with the house

If you’re renting this house and are not buying it, consider renting a property with a pool pre-built. For one, the owner of the property may not take kindly to any renovations you may do after moving in. For another, you don’t want to invest too much money in a house that you may one day leave for a better place.

 Similarly, if you are purchasing a house and plan to flip it or put it up for sale later, then adding a pool after moving in is better. You can plan and design a pool in a way that will enable you to get the best sale price on the market. You’ll also be able to attract great tenants with the newly installed pool.

Cost of the property

A property on sale with a pre-built pool will definitely cost higher because of the presence of the pool when compared to a house without one. Additionally, if the pool has been landscaped or has aesthetic features added to it or around it, then the cost of this landscaping will also need to be borne by you. In some cases, the pool might be too big or the landscaping may be too rich, making the property expensive.

 Instead, if you choose to purchase a house without a pre-built pool, you can decide later what size pool to get installed and whether you want the landscaping or not. That way, you can drive down the asking price of the property, making it more affordable.

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State of the pool

Before making a decision, take a look at the pre-built pool on any property. What state is it in? Does it look shabby? Are there cracks in the pool tiles? Too much slime on the surface?

 What about the landscaping? Is it up to expectations?

 Does the size of the pool justify the increased asking price? Are there any spa features in the pool that are worth paying for?

 If the pre-built pool is in shambles, it will take a lot of work to fix it up and get it working and looking great. That means, not only do you pay more to acquire a home with a pre-built pool, but you also spend hundreds of dollars extra to get it spruced up. These bills could rake up enormously, very quickly.

 If you’re working under a fixed budget, then it’s best to have your pool custom-built for your new home, after acquisition.

Pool maintenance work involved

Speaking of the state of the pool, you also need to find out when the last maintenance had been done on the pool. When was the last time pool cleaners visited the house and what did they check/work on? Sometimes, while the pool may look beautiful outwardly, any technical features such as lights, fountains, wave generators, hot water tubs etc. may be out of order. The maintenance work for these issues will be long and tiring.

 Instead of spending money fixing what is damaged, why not spend your hard-earned money on a pool of your choice, which contains state-of-the-art technology? That way, you won’t have to deal with very serious maintenance and repair work till years later.

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Your lifestyle

This is an incredibly important undertaking that determines how you use the pool and when. If swimming is your primary workout, you may want a lap pool at home. If the pool is intended to be a place for family get-togethers and intimate parties, a plunge pool may be better.

 But, there’s no guarantee that the pool pre-built in the house you wish to buy fits your bespoke lifestyle needs. Then, even having the pool will be completely superfluous to your needs. To avoid such prospective problems, you can have a pool constructed at your pool, in the way it best suits and supports your diverse lifestyle.

Your preferred pool aesthetics

Finally, function aside, you may have specific pool aesthetics in mind, that you wish your pool to have. From water features inside the pool to romantic coves around it, to specific plants and gardening techniques, you may want your pool to look a certain way and to exude a specific ambience. You may even have a specific idea about the type of pool tiles you want, where to place the shower, or if you prefer to have the pol inside the house or outside the house.

All of these decisions will be taken out of your hand the minute you buy a house with a pool already pre-built. The only way you can have an active say in how your pool should look and function is to get one installed after you move in. That’s something we can help you with.

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