Family Pools – Why Are They So Popular?

There’s no denying that most people favour family pools but why? How can you be sure that they are the right fit for you and your home? There are many things to love about a spacious pool and we’ll explain everything you need to know about family pools to help you decide if they are the best choice for you.


What Is A Family Pool?

Before we dive in and tell you all the reasons why family pools are so popular, first well explain what a family pool is exactly. Family pools originated with families in mind and the priority behind the design is safety. In most quality fibreglass pool shells, you will find numerous safety features such as non-slip surfaces, edges and a child safety ledge running around the perimeter of the pool. Many have generous steps that double as bench seats, varied depths and steps at both the shallow and deep end which makes it safe for children who aren’t confident swimmers. Family pools allow plenty of room for swimming, games, entertaining and everything in between. They appeal to many due to their size and unrestricted uses. There is plenty of space without the risk of children outgrowing the pool as they get older.

An Array Of Sizes To Choose From

Unlike some other smaller pool types family pools come in an expansive range of sizes and vary anywhere from 3 to 4 metres wide up to 12 to 13 metres long. The size of your backyard influences how big you can go but they come in a variety of colours, designs, shapes and styles which allows you to choose one that ties in with your home and preferences perfectly.

Virtually The Same Amount Of Work As A Smaller Pool

One of the many great things about fibreglass family pools is they generally don’t take much longer to install than a regular-sized pool variety. As they are prefabricated in a factory, rather than built on-site once the excavation work has been completed it’s simply lifted into place, fitted, and installed. The only difference is the hole is slightly bigger. Many are surprised to know that the cost of a family pool is similar to that of a regular pool. Why? Because you are still getting the same superior quality fibreglass shell and it is still being installed by the industries best professionals.

Fast Installation

If your site is flat, you have good access and there are no delays with your installation such as weather or permits a family pool can be installed as quickly as any other pool with the average turnaround time being 1 to 3 weeks.

What To Look For In A Family Pool

Does It Suit Your Lifestyle Needs?

To ensure you get maximum return from your investment by using your pool often, its important that the pool you choose suits your swimming requirements best. If you entertain regularly, have children, have a big backyard or simply like the look of a large pool then a family pool is a great choice. Opting for a family pool means you will always have ample space to host special events and have friends and family over for a BBQ and swim and not have to worry about there not being enough room for everyone.


If you have kids, safety should be at the forefront of your mind when looking for a pool. While everyone loves to save money where they can you should never skimp on quality when it comes to your family’s safety. Some choose to go down the DIY route to cut down on costs or hire someone who isn’t qualified or insured however, if something goes wrong it can have disastrous consequences. It’s simply not worth cutting corners to save a few dollars.

Additionally, children are naturally drawn to water and a pool can be extremely dangerous regardless of how confident they are in the water. If you’ve decided on a family pool you should look to see what safety features it includes. Ideally, it should have smooth non-scratch surfaces and steps that are non-slip, it should have a safety ledge running around in the interior edge of the pool and there should be at least one area where they can sit and take respite if they need to. In most states and territories in Australia, it is the law to have a mandatory pool fence in place. If not, you could face a hefty fine.

A Design That Compliments Your Home

The fantastic thing about family pools and one of the reasons so many people choose them is because they can enhance any backyard to create a stunning focal point. When done well, they can add valuable dollars to your home, family pools are popular and they appeal to many prospective buyers. Your pool should compliment your backyard not completely engulf it. This should be considered when in the design phase to ensure you utilise your space wisely.

Why Should I Choose A Family Pool?

A swimming pool is an invaluable source of fun for the whole family. Family pools have an array of benefits such as:

  1. Keeping fit and healthy

  2. Getting outside to spend quality time together as a family away from technology

  3. Games

  4. Hosting parties and special occasions

  5. Ample room for the family and guests

  6. Great for teaching the kids to swim/gain confidence in the water

  7. Make lifelong memories with those you care about most

For a lot of people having a pool of their own in the backyard can completely overhaul their lifestyle. It draws you outside to spend time in the sunshine and fresh air whilst keeping active with family and friends. A family pool is an ideal choice for those with enough room in their backyard for one. They are the most popular pool choice amongst people of all walks of life, not just families.

We hope that this post has given you an insight into family pools and some reasons as to why they are so popular. Here at Newcastle Swimming Pools, we specialise in luxurious fibreglass pools and we have an expansive selection of family pools on offer that all come with added safety features. If you would like further information, get in touch with our friendly team today, we will happily answer any questions you have.