The Best 9 Smartphone Apps For Your Fibreglass Pool!

When we first heard about mobile apps designed specifically for your pool, we didn’t believe it at first. But now we realise that the world of emerging tech can bring incredibly useful benefits to your very own pool! In fact, pool apps can save you time on maintenance, prevent catastrophe on your hardware, provide step-by-step tutorials on pool health and even save you money! If we didn’t see it for ourselves, we wouldn’t believe it. But we’re letting you know now that you absolutely need these 9 apps for your pool.


1# Keep Smart With Pool Smart

The Pool Smart app goes to great lengths to teach new-time pool owners the basics of water balance. It also saves long-time pool owners real money, by ensuring only the exact amount of chemicals are used to clean your pool. Pool Smart calculates the exact chemical requirements based on the length and width of your pool, so analysis is specific to your property. It’s even used by pool professionals around the world!

2# Take Care With Pool Care

Pool Care is a great app to streamline and automate your pool’s cleaning process. This app has seen a surge in popularity because not a lot of pool owners want to be spending their free time cleaning their pool. In fact, Pool Care tracks the chemical levels in your pool (think Ph Levels and alkalinity) so that you don’t have to do this yourself manually. This app is also great at keeping an eye on your calcium hardness, chlorine and conditioner, if these are used by your pool.

3# Don’t Be Left Behind Without My Swim Pro

My Swim Pro directly improves your pool swimming experience: by teaching you to swim! To be fair, this app also has an extensive library of aquatic fitness and swimming routines to teach the more experienced swimmers. An excellent function that it features is being able to set performance based goals and a virtual coach!

4# Keep A Clear Head With Pool Cloud

You can think of pool cloud as a virtual library full of all the pool related knowledge you might need. The app offers service recommendations, test strip analysis, video tutorials and guided instructions on how to clean and maintain your pool in the most time-effective way possible. Another good benefit: Pool Cloud can be set up to send you reminders: this is especially good for remembering to clean daily, in order to avoid massive leaf clogs on the weekend.

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5# Unlock Your Potential With Pooli

Pooli is a far more streamlined, straightforward app than others on the list. It’s a no-frills-attached app that uses an in-built scanner to analyse your pool’s chemical test strip. It then automatically calculates your chemical balance and informs you of any area in which you could be low in. This app is a great way to save yourself time on calculating the chemical balance yourself. In fact, Pooli automatically links you to the lowest-priced chemicals at no extra cost to yourself.

6# Learn To Swim At Swim University

Swim University is one of the biggest and most well-known apps on the marketplace. It’s main purpose is to create a user-friendly hub of information: helpful tips, guides, articles and video tutorials that are all useful to pool care are on display in this app. Swim University also offers troubleshooting guides for when things go really wrong.

7# Care For Your Pool With Nimbus Pool Doctor

Nimbus Pool Doctor is a similar app to Pooli, except it offers a more customisable experience. The app will measure the chemical balances in your pool and ensure you’re using enough to be stable. It even measures salt-water pools! Nimbus Pool Doctor also allows you to adjust the chemical levels in your pool while you clean or even when you’re away from home. The app will effectively measure chlorine, PH, alkalinity, calcium hardiness and salt, and provide these to you in measurements of ounces, pounds, kilograms, galleons, litres so you receive the most accurate results.

…Smartphone apps are a great way to save yourself time on maintenance and cleaning. They’re also a fantastic reservoir of knowledge…

8# Detox Your Pool Problems With Clorox

The Clorox app lives and breathes water analysis. Like other apps on the list, Clorox can scan your pool test strip. The app takes this one step further though by allowing you to take a photo of any pool-related problem you might be experiencing, and then providing you with a troubleshooting guide. For convenience’s sake, Clorox stores your last 10 water analyses so you can keep a better eye on your maintenance process.

9# Surprise Your Guests With All Recipes Dinner Spinner

Okay, we’ll be the first to admit it: this app might not have anything directly to do with your pool. But All Recipes Dinner Spinner is a great way to offer any guests you might have over a fantastic dinner and snack-palette. If you’re one for socialising, of course. You have an award-winning fibreglass pool after all – why not show it off to your friends!

You might still be trying to wrap your head around the fact that smartphone apps can help you clean your pool – that’s okay, some of us are too! But here at Newcastle Swimming Pools, we’re committed to giving you the absolute best pool experience possible. That includes keeping up with emerging trends. If this interests you, then why don’t you check out our award-winning fibreglass pools? Or, fill out our free online quote form! We can’t wait to hear from you!