The Many Benefits of Installing Your Fibreglass Pool in Winter

Anytime is a good time to put a pool in, but installing one in the winter has many benefits that are simply unmatched by the other seasons. You may be thinking why winter, it's cold and you don't want to use the pool? Here we will explain all the reasons why.

It can save you money

Most people choose to get their pool installed in the warmer months and in the lead up to Christmas. This is the peak period, whereas winter is typically a slower time in the pool industry. Once the weather starts to cool down, the desire to go swimming decreases and installing a swimming pool becomes out of mind for many. Pool companies will generally offer special promotions or discounts during this time to ramp up interest, and to fill the books. Swimming pools don’t come cheap, so saving some money where you can is always a good thing. Make sure you ask your pool builder if they have any discounts or offers going during winter, you may save yourself quite a bit of money or at the very least, get an additional extra that you wouldn’t have otherwise at any other time of the year.

No waiting in line

Summer is flat chat for reputable pool builders, and it’s not uncommon for them to have long waiting lists. Even if your pool builder does have upcoming availability, other contractors that assist with building a pool such as electricians and landscapers, are likely to have scarce time, and aligning contractors can be challenging. This can cause delays to your pool build. Most sectors in the construction industry are busy heading into summertime, this happens every year. If you wait right up until summertime hoping to get your pool installed before Christmas, there’s a good chance you’ll miss out. You can avoid this scenario altogether by organising to have your pool installed in the winter. While sometimes unforeseeable factors such as weather and permit approvals can push back your installation, it’s still going to be a much shorter wait than in the busier periods.

Your pool will be completed and ready to go once the weather warms up

Having your pool installed in winter means it’s complete and ready to go once the weather starts to warm up. There’s nothing worse than being hot and bothered and in the middle of a pool build. Rather than waiting around for your pool to be built, you can enjoy it straight away in Summer. This allows you to get more months use out of it.

Gives your surroundings time to establish

Many elements make a swimming pool look great, and one of them is greenery such as plants. A winter installation allows you to get all your planting done, and come summer, it’ll be nicely established and thriving. The area surrounding a pool is harsh, and exposing newly planted greenery and grass to chlorine too early may see them suffer as a result. Not only that, but grass grows faster when the weather heats up, and a pool takes up a big chunk that you’re not going to have to mow come summertime.

Causes very little disruption to your everyday life

When the days start getting warmer, most of us start spending more time outside rather than rugged up indoors. Having pool builders, tradespeople and heavy machinery in your backyard when you want to use it can be an inconvenience. Installing your pool in winter can cause the least disruption to your everyday life as you’re more likely to be inside at this time of the year than others.

More choice when it comes to the installation date

As the peak period slows down, more pool builders become available, and so do the appointments. This allows you to have more choice when it comes to the day and time you want your pool installed rather than just getting the only dates that are left. If you have your heart set on getting your pool installed in the summer, consider waiting until after the new year, if possible. The peak period will start slowing down, and this can give you a bit more flexibility when it comes to choosing your installation time, plus there’s still plenty of warm days to make the most of swimming in the pool once it is complete.

Faster approvals

Its standard practice that all new pools and spas need to have certain approvals before construction can start. During peak season, backlogs are common, and this equals delays. As winter isn’t as busy as other times of the year, your necessary approvals are likely to be granted faster. Installing a pool close to summer and anticipating that it will be installed by a certain time only to discover that it is going to take much longer due to paperwork delays can be frustrating. Choosing a winter installation ensures that your pool build stays on track, and you can swim when originally scheduled.

Worried your pool won't get used if you install it in winter?

Many think a winter install means that you’ll have a beautiful new pool that’s too cold to swim in. The good news is, there is a way around it. By installing pool heating, you can warm your pool up and enjoy swimming on the coolest of days. Pool heating has advanced significantly over recent years, and it’s now more affordable than ever. There are options for every budget and swimming requirement. If you would like heating for your pool, have a chat with our team, they can run you through some options to help you determine which type may be best suited to you and your family.

For the benefits outlined above, we recommend a winter installation. While we aim to provide an efficient service regardless of when you install your pool, installing your pool in winter can help you to save money and breeze through the pool building process stress-free.

If you’re contemplating installing a swimming pool or spa this winter or if you have any questions about up-and-coming bookings, get in touch with our helpful team of pool experts here at Newcastle Swimming Pools. We’d love to be a part of creating something special at your place.