The Most Amazing Ways To Light Up Your Pool

pool is a great place to relax and unwind. While constructing a pool, people spend hours discussing the material, landscaping and water features but often overlook lighting. It is only while using the pool that many people realize the importance of proper lighting.


Pool lighting is very important to keep the pool safe. Pool lighting can dramatically alter the pool ambience. Without proper lighting, you won’t be able to use the pool after sunset.

Traditionally incandescent lights were used to light up the pool. Then came halogen lights. But the arrival of LED has changed the dynamics of pool lighting. There are a number of options available to light up your pool.

Types of pool lighting

  • Flush mounted underwater lights.

Lighting the pool water is extremely important to make it safe. Flush mounted underwater lights can be positioned against a pool wall. You can use halogen or LED lights for this purpose. Halogen lights consume more power than LED lights.

These lights are difficult to install on an existing pool unless you have made provision for them during the construction of the pool. The installation process is complex and you require a technician’s help for the process. You can use different colours of LED lights to give a unique shade to your pool water.

  • Surface-mounted underwater pool lights.

These type of pool lights are easy to install and replace. You can use halogen or LED lights for surface mounted lights. Surface-mounted lights tend to bulge a little. You must be careful if kids are using the pool as they may accidentally break them.

  • Lighting water feature.

Many times pools are equipped with water features such as waterfalls, fountains, sprouts or jets. These features can be lit up in various ways to highlight them. You can place lights behind the water features or underneath to create magical effects. Lights can be aimed at surfaces where water from these features hits the pools so that the water movement and air bubbles are effectively captured.

A well-lit water feature can give an alluring look to your pool even when it is not in use.

  • Lighting the pathway.

Lighting the pathway to the pool is necessary to avoid trips and falls while trying to reach the pool. Lighting the pathway creates boundaries and demarcates the walking and non-walking areas clearly for the swimmers.

  • Pool deck lighting

Your pool deck may be slippery and lights are necessary to prevent any accidents post-sunset. Pool deck lighting can be in-ground or above ground. In-ground lights stay out of the way and you don’t have to worry about your guests damaging them accidentally.

If you have a wooden deck then adding lights on the deck is simple. If you have a concrete deck then holes will have to be drilled for placing in-ground lights.

  • Plant lighting.

Plant lighting can highlight your beautiful plants while illuminating the surrounding area at the same time. Flower beds installed with LED lights can look mesmerizing at night. Bullet lights can be used over tall plants. As the plant grows the light bulb can be changed without changing the fixture. Flowers, leaves and branches of trees can be highlighted to give the desired effect.

  • Floating light.

If your pool has insufficient lighting but you do not want to go for expensive fixtures which require renovation then floating lights are a good idea. Floating pool lights are available in different shapes like jellyfish, sea creatures and lily pads. Some floating lights contain a water feature and fountains. They are a great idea during pool parties.

  • Moonlighting

Adding lights from above to illuminate a pool deck is called Moonlighting. You can use commercial light strings or your regular Christmas lights for moonlighting. Lights can be attached to any tall structure near the pool like trees, poles or your home’s gables. The lights are angled towards the pool for a moonlight effect on the pool water.

  • Under cap lights.

Under cap lights are hidden lights where you see the effects of the lights but not the fixtures. These lights can be installed on benches, fire pits or sitting walls. They need planning but if done properly they can give a wonderful ambience to your pool side.

  • Tiki-torch Lighting.

Premium tiki lights made of high-quality brass and copper are hard-wired into the landscape to give an organic feel to the pool area. LED tiki torches can be lit up with the flip of a switch. They are available in different sizes from three to eight feet.

  • Lighting structures in the pool area.

Structures such as pergola, columns, statues and canopy in your pool area should be well lit. The seating area can be lit up through recessed lighting. An outdoor kitchen can be lit up using grill lighting, bistro lighting or lighting for countertops. Lights can be added to the bottom of pergolas to draw attention to their architecture.

  • Stair tread lights.

Lighting the steps to decks or patios is an absolute necessity for the safety of your guests. Tread lights can be installed in the vertical part of stairs which focus downwards on the step below it.

  • Lighting to separate the different sections inside the pool.

Coloured lights can be used to highlight the shallow and deep ends of the pool. If you have a hot tub or jacuzzi as part of your pool then it can be highlighted using a different coloured light. This sort of highlighting gives a stunning look to the pool from a distance.

  • LED floodlights.

LED floodlights can be used to illuminate the entire area. They can be focused on any particular structure or feature of the pool. They are easy to install and replace.


Factors affecting the lighting of your pool

  • Size

A bigger sized pool will require more lights compared to a smaller size pool.

  • Shape

If your pool has a curve shape or it is L shaped then lighting all areas will be tricky.

  • Surrounding lights.

If you receive fewer lights from the surrounding area then you will have to install more lights in your pool area.

  • The desired effects.

You require lighting for better visibility or to provide a dramatic ambience will determine the need for lighting fixtures and choices.

  • Uses for your pool.

If you want to use your pool only for exercise or recreation then you would want simple lighting. But if your pool is meant as a venue for pool parties then you will need more dramatic lighting and adjustments.

  • Your family members.

If elders and children are going to use the pool then you will require more lighting to improve visibility.

  • Dimmers.

Dimmers are meant to help you to adjust the lights according to your requirement. You will not always require bright lights. These dimmers can be controlled through a smart device.

There are many types of lighting options including halogen, LED and solar lights. LED lights are long-lasting. Replacing swimming pool lights is a difficult task. LED lights can function for about 50,000 hours. LED lights do not consume much energy, and they are available in different colours. They are also customizable.

You should consult professionals for your pool lighting and look for a lighting brand which gives a warranty on the pool lighting.