The Therapeutic Effects Of Owning A Spa

Most Australians know that pools are extremely healthy, but did you know that spas can transfer just as many of the same health benefits? In fact, spas open up a whole world of different positive effects on spa owners. This is because – as spa water is heated – it can be used for a far more relaxing and rejuvenating swim than most pools can offer. These therapeutic effects can range from the obvious (easing of muscle aches and hydrotherapy) to the more specifically helpful – such as decreasing stress and anxiety. Besides, spas are just plain cool! But you don’t need any scientific proof to know that, do you?

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Natural Muscle Recovery

The most obviously beneficial aspect of a spa is their ability to greatly aid in muscle recovery. Spa jets pulse heated water onto tired and aching muscles; these streams can be customised to shoot harder or softer, and the narrowness of the stream allows the aqua massage to penetrate your muscle’s deep tissue. This is known as “hydrotherapy” and has been used by professional athletes since the days of the ancient Romans and Greeks! A quick dip in the spa is particularly therapeutic after a strenuous workout. Additionally, warm water is a natural muscle relaxant – just a few minutes in a spa and you’ll be ready to sleep. Bonus points if you install a spa with bubbles, which can go a long way to soothing an aching body.

Improved Your Sleep Pattern

As we mentioned before, warm water is a natural relaxant for muscles in your body. It’s a good idea to take a quick dip in the spa a few hours before bed. This will leave your body feeling relaxed and loose, leading to a far better quality in your sleep. Furthermore, swimming in a spa is an excellent way to detach yourself from technology or from whatever stress has been dogging you during the work day. It’s almost a form of meditation and allows you a relaxing moment of peace, quiet and massaging water – your sleep schedule will be all the better for it.

An excellent way to detach yourself from technology and work-related stress…

Your Aquatic Sanctuary Of Ultimate Relaxation

If you haven’t guessed already, spas are extremely good at relaxing you. The value of this is definitely understated in today’s hectic world. Between smartphones, plasma TVs and E-mails from work, it can definitely be hard to separate yourself from work-related stress and distracting technology. Installing a spa is one way to remedy this and regain your valuable personal time. 

Not to mention that knowing you have a warm spa, complete with massaging jets and soothing bubbles, to come home to in the evening can be the difference between a good day at work and a bad one. Moreover, spas from Newcastle Swimming Pools are designed with space in mind, meaning your relaxation and de-stressing time doesn’t have to be solo. You can fit the whole family in the spa – making your weekends just that little bit more enjoyable. This can be further enhanced at night by using a spa light.

Reduced Stress And Anxiety

Fortunately, a good spa from Newcastle Swimming Pools will relax more than just your aching muscles and body. It is also sublime at relaxing your mind. Hydrotherapy used with a spa can help with any stress or anxiety you may have – they will simply melt away in the heated waters of your spa. The feeling of weightlessness, combined with the comforting massage jets, will ease the burdens of stress and anxiety, by allowing you to focus solely on the spa rather than the source of your discomfort.

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Healthier Skin; More With Mineral Water

The positive benefits to your body can be taken one step further by installing a mineral water or salt water system in your spa. The positive health benefits of mineral water pools have been discussed extensively – and they all transfer to your spa as well. They include:

  1. Soothed Arthritic joints 
  2. Soothing effect on skin conditions such as eczema 
  3. Reduced muscle tension 
  4. Softer water leads to less irritation from chlorine 
  5. “Silky” feeling of mineral water means your skin is left smoother and softer after a swim.

Many of these benefits can be achieved by a traditional, non-mineral water spa too, although to a lesser extent.

Spas are undoubtedly a healthy, therapeutic way to improve your physical and mental health. But did you know that when you shop with Newcastle Swimming Pools, they’re also easy and affordable to install? Our spas are designed to suit any family or home; so that you can enjoy the positive health benefits of spas regardless of your budget or backyard space. So come and take a look at our wide range of spas today! What are you waiting for?