5 Of Our Most Stunning Pool Ranges And Sizes

Newcastle Swimming Pools have brought together our team’s monumental experience and pool industry knowledge in order to compile a list of our most popular pool combinations. We understand that sometimes choosing from our wide range of award-winning fibreglass pools can be a tough choice. That’s why we thought we’d make your choice easier for you; so read on to find your dream pool inspiration!

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Why Are These Pool Combinations So Popular With Our Customers?

Simply put, we make great pools. But we also understand that making a great pool into the best pool means fitting the pool to your home. There’s no use installing a plunge pool for a large family that wants to dive in on the weekends, when they could be jumping into a larger pool that fits all of them!

These pool combinations offer the best solutions to some of the most popular Aussie family’s needs. Namely, fitting into certain space requirements, low running cost and little maintenance required.

#1 Venice 7.6m x 4.4m

The 7.6m Venice is our resident showstopper. Sleek, sharp edges make up the modern geometric shape of this fibreglass pool and it looks absolutely beautiful in our Royal Blue Shimmer. The non-slip access point is stylishly designed with additional edges to create a uniform appearance.

The Venice ranges offer tremendous length and a depth of 1.86m. Additionally, the Venice offers a stunning modern aesthetic to any house that it occupies. This makes our Venice pool range a staple and the go-to option for many modern homes, particularly in urban suburbs. Our Venice also perfectly suits many additional features, such as spas and water features.

#2 Billabong 7.5m x 3.8m

Our Billabong is the classic option for many of our prospective pool owners. It is a timeless design, beautiful to look at and even funner to swim in. With a depth of 1.71, the 7.5m Billabong offers plenty of opportunity to submerge yourself in.

The Billabong 7.5m is achieves the perfect harmony between size and space. Comfortable enough to fit on most properties, whilst still offering a luxurious amount of space to swim in, it is perfect for families both large and small. Our Alpine White looks particularly gorgeous while on display in the Billabong. Additional, the 7.5m Billabong comes custom fitted with a child safety ledge around it’s edge and a formal seating area with the option for spa jets. 

With the 7.5m Billabong, you can meet all your swimming needs: recreation, fitness, design aesthetic and most importantly – it’s fun to swim in!

Our Billabong in the stunning Alpine White Shimmer colour

#3 Sunseeker 10.2m x 4.4m

Our 10.2m x 4.4m Sunseeker is perfect for the whole family. At the heart of the Sunseeker Series lies its meticulous design, featuring a full-length step that guarantees effortless access to the pool, unlocking a realm of aquatic pleasure. This step not only serves its practical function but also contributes an architectural charm, a gentle acknowledgment of the harmonious blend of form and purpose.

#4 Brooklyn Slimline 8.2m x 3.5m

This Brooklyn Slimline design is world first and there are none other like it. The 8.2m x 3.5m size has been strongly recommended as this pool range is built to be enjoyed by large families. 

The Brooklyn Slimline Range looks especially stunning in our Royal Blue Shimmer or the breathtaking new Royal Jade Shimmer. Additionally, this range features a unique, freeform shape that is sure to catch the eye. Best yet: it’s the perfect pool for water slides!

#5 Brooklyn 12m x 4.4

A 12m Brooklyn fibreglass pool is the ultimate fantasy come true. This range features one of the most impressive lengths on the market, a depth of 1.85m, distinctive and sleek design and it comes with a built-in top spa for all your leisure needs. 

It’s no surprise that the stylish Brooklyn is one of our most popular pools, in combination with it’s 12m size. This pool can transform your backyard into a paradise of contemporary aesthetic. This pool offers by far the most swimming space on this list, so it definitely suits large families and properties with room to spare. To take the Brooklyn to the next level, we advise making use of our exquisite underwater pool lights.

As you can see, we’ve designed this list to meet the most prominent needs of Aussie families and prospective pool owners. This list features a popular pool and size combination that can be made use of by many of Australia’s families. From the luxurious Brooklyn 12m, to the classic all-rounder 7.5m Billabong, to the 8.2m Brooklyn Slimline that can fit almost anywhere, Newcastle Swimming Pools is sure to have the perfect pool for you. Check out our range today!