Can A Fibreglass Pool Be Installed Above Ground

Fibreglass pools are famous for their above-ground installation capabilities! If you’re considering an above-ground pool, or perhaps your backyard’s landscape only allows for an above-ground pool (more on that later) then a fibreglass pool is a perfect choice!


Why Fibreglass Pools Are Suited To Above Ground Installation

Although most pools nowadays can be installed above-ground, the unique and flexible nature of fibreglass makes pools from Newcastle Swimming Pools especially suited to an above-ground install. In general, fibreglass pools are easier and faster to install than other pools on the market. A concrete pool may take months to install above-ground; a fibreglass pool on the other hand can be lifted by crane onto your property in a matter of hours! The flexible and durable nature of fibreglass also means that once your pool is installed above ground, it’s going to last. Above-ground pools are still subject to earth movements and other complications, but an above-ground fibreglass pool will be able to bend with these movements rather than break under them.

The Different Types Of Fibreglass Pools

Before you go jumping into your new above-ground pool, it’s important to figure out just which type of pool would suit your property best. After all, you might be surprised to learn that an above-ground pool isn’t your only option.

Inground Pool:

This is the classic pool that you most likely picture when you think of fibreglass pools. An inground pool is fully submerged in the ground, its tiling and edges being level with the ground around your pool. When you swim, you seemingly step lower into the ground. Although this is the most popular option, an inground pool does require you to have a flat, level site to install.

Partially Above-Ground:

Although rarer, partially above-ground pools are the practical answer to many uneven backyards. If your property has a complicated backyard, in the form of slopes or ridges, then a partially above-ground pool can be built to meet such a slope or even look out onto the slope. In some cases when a property’s ground is so uneven, a partially above-ground pool is the only answer.

Fully Above-Ground Pool:

So, what exactly defines an above-ground pool? An above-ground pool is essentially the fibreglass pool shell standing above the ground rather than within it. Although you may think an above-ground pool would be obvious to see, many creative owners choose to cover the above-ground aspects with decking, plants and concrete walls. Pool owners choose this installation method for plenty of reasons, which we will discuss below.


Advantages Of An Above Ground Pool:

Able To Fit On Properties With Landscaping Complexities

As we mentioned before, installing any kind of pool can be a tricky process. Although fibreglass pools are some of the quickest and easiest pools to install, the process can be further complicated by landscaping issues. Landscaping factors that will make your backyard harder to install include:

  1. Slopes
  2. Ridges 
  3. Uneven ground 
  4. Rocks 
  5. Loose soil 

Each of these factors can complicate the excavation process and make it harder for our teams to dig the hole necessary for your pool shell. 

However, above-ground fibreglass pools can make the excavation process much easier; namely, because they don’t require one! An above-ground pool needn’t be restricted by slopes because it can be built to meet them; in fact, a pool can even be built to look out over a slope and provide a view.

…An above-ground fibreglass pool is a perfect solution to complicated landscaping issues such as slopes: it can be built to incorporate them instead of being restricted by them…

Affordable Cost-Wise and Time-Wise

Did you know that a fibreglass pool from Newcastle Swimming Pools can be installed in as little as 7 days from the time of order? This speedy process can be enhanced even further by the fact that above-ground pools install significantly quicker than in-ground pools, due to smaller excavation requirements.

And because an above-ground pool requires less work to install, you’ll end up saving on installation fees too!

You Can Get Creative With Your Design!

An above-ground fibreglass pool offers plenty of unique design options for your backyard. If you’re building onto a slope, you can keep the downhill side exposed for a fantastic view. Alternatively, you can also build timber, concrete or tiled decking around your pool to create a raised poolside area, perfect for entertaining guests!

If you’ve skipped to the end, we won’t judge you. But if you’re looking for one thing to take away, it’s that fibreglass pools can absolutely be installed above-ground; and they offer plenty of benefits for doing so! Contact your nearest Newcastle Swimming Pools dealer to find the pool of your dreams today!