Here Are Some of the Top Swimming Pool Accessories That Every Pool Owner Must Have

Installing your swimming pool is the first step in creating a fun-filled experience for your family and friends. What really takes your swimming pool game to the next level is the accessories you invest in to improve your swimming pool experience. From essential pool equipment to toys and pool accessories, personalize your pool and tailor it to everything you need.

Irrespective of whatever pool accessory you choose, safety should be a priority for you. The good news is that most pool accessories are designed to enhance a swimming pool’s safety anyway. But you should still consider checking twice to make sure that you’re prioritizing safety. Investing in swimming pool accessories and equipment that provide the best guarantee for safety on the market can protect your family and your friends in the long run.

This becomes even more crucial if you have children or pets. They could easily fall into the pool when you aren’t watching, especially children. Even if your pet dog or cat can still figure out how to swim, your child may not be able to swim back to safety in the event of a disaster. That’s why selecting pool accessories that provide safety to everyone in your family is crucial.

Here are the top ten accessories you can consider getting for your swimming pool and why.

1. Pool Barrier

A pool barrier is designed to prevent anyone from entering the pool while it’s latched. From strangers to kids, once you’ve set up your pool barrier, you’ve restricted all entry into your swimming pool. When you’re looking for pool barriers, you should consider looking for one that restricts children and pets from entering.

The reason behind this is that despite being more expensive or of great quality, not all barriers are designed to keep children or pets out of the pool. Many simply prevent unauthorized access into the pool. If a child was determined enough, they could still access a pool with a standard pool barrier around it. Certain pool barriers are specifically designed to keep children and pets out, so if you have a large family, consider investing in a pool barrier with the best safety mechanisms.

One kind of pool barrier that will provide you will such safety is a polycarbonate pool barrier. These are designed to completely protect the pool, and often come with automatic latching mechanisms. That way, even if you forget to lock the pool barrier, the automatic self-latching system will kick in.

2. Pool Cover

A pool cover prevents dirt, debris, and other foreign contaminants from entering the pool when it’s not being used. It brings other nifty benefits as well, such as preserving the heat that’s already in the water and reducing water loss through evaporation. Again, not all pool covers are designed to be child or pet-proof.

Consider investing in a fibreglass pool cover. These are sturdy and can bear a lot of weight. If you want a pool cover that has the additional feature of enhancing safety for children and pets, then a fibreglass pool cover is a great choice.

3. Swimming Pool Ladders

A swimming pool ladder can improve the diving experience in pools. If you and other swimmers love jumping into your pool, the swimming pool ladder adds a layer of safety.

Look for a swimming pool ladder that is both sturdy and anti-corrosive. Many pool ladders are built using stainless steel, which is quite resistant to corrosion.

4. Water Test Strips

Regularly testing the quality of your pool water is essential if you want to keep away algae and bacteria. A great way you can get your pool water tested right from the safety of your home is with water test strips. These are small strips that come with a colour gradation scale.

All you have to do is insert the strip into your pool and hold it down for a few seconds. Then remove the strip from the water and check its colour against the provided colour gradation scale. This will let you know if you need to add any chemicals like chlorine to improve the quality of the water.

A water test strip lets you gauge chlorine/bromine levels, water hardness, alkalinity, pH levels, amount of cyanuric acid present, and more.

5. Pool Alarms

Pool alarms are an ideal way to prevent strangers from accessing your pool. You should consider installing them in areas from where intruders are likely to enter your pool area, especially if you don’t have eyes on that area. Also, add them to your pool deck, near the entrance to your pool, as well as the nearest doors and windows.

6. Pool Lights

Pool lights provide more than just aesthetics and ambiance to your pool pad. They are great safety equipment, especially if you enjoy swimming after dark or when the lights are dim.

The most common kind of pool lights are LED lights. These are more energy-efficient and durable, as well. If you opt for smart lights, you can also set various moods with ambient lighting and different colour options. Most importantly, you’ll always have visibility near your pool area, which is crucial for nighttime swimmers.

Consider getting automatic lights that switch on whenever it detects motion. Motion sensor lights are great for swimming pool areas.

7. Pool Cleaning Equipment

A clean and hygienic pool is one that’s regularly maintained. Without the right pool cleaning equipment, you can find yourself struggling to clear out any debris that falls into your pool. A dirty pool is also where algae and bacteria can thrive and grow – making it unsuitable for human use. Swimmers can easily contract infections from swimming in unmaintained swimming pools.

You can consider investing in a good pool broom, a skimmer, and a pool vacuum cleaner. You will also need chemicals that prevent bacteria and algae from entering and growing in your pool.

8. Rescue and Safety Equipment

Keeping rescue equipment, as well as a first-aid kit handy, can be a literal lifesaver. In case an accident happens in or around your pool, you’ll need to be prepared. Even if you call emergency services (and for dire situations, you absolutely should), rescue and safety equipment can still give you time until emergency services arrive.

You should consider having a first aid kit handy around your pool. Other essential safety equipment include life jackets, life hooks, safety rings, rescue cans, as well as rescue tubes.

9. Toys and Water Sports

A great swimming pool experience includes toys and equipment that let you, your family, and friends truly have fun in the swimming pool.

You can add beach balls, pool rings, water volleyballs, and other toys that can turn your swimming pool into an activity-filled water paradise.

10. Loungers and Floaters

No swimming pool is complete without a few loungers or floaters that let you rest on the water while you soak in the sun’s rays.

Loungers and floaters can also double as safety equipment, especially for people who can’t swim. They are designed to stay afloat and keep others afloat as well.

There are various other swimming pool accessories you can get as well. Irrespective of whether you own a fibreglass pool, a vinyl liner pool, or a concrete pool, swimming pool accessories improve safety and invite fun for all swimmers.